Productivity Newsletter Series from Norman Bodek

Norman Bodek published over 100 Japanese management books in English, including the works of Taiichi Ohno and Dr. Shigeo Shingo, who helped develop the Toyota Production System (Lean). He created the Shingo Prize with Dr. Vern Beuhler at Utah State University, and was elected to Industry Week’s Manufacturing Hall of Fame.

In 1979, after working for 18 years with Data Processing companies, Norman Bodek started Productivity Inc. – Press by publishing a newsletter called PRODUCTIVITY. The tagline is “Improving Productivity and Quality Through Worker Satisfaction and Innovation.”

He has graciously given copies of these monthly newsletters to Lean Portland, as he is planning to move out of the country in late 2020.

We have digitized these documents to be able to share them, instead of leaving them stuck in a storage space collecting dust. Scroll down to find download PDF copies of the newsletters from 1980-1993.

Learn more about Norman Bodek, who still operates a publishing company PCS Press, or watch his interview with Lean Portland from Dec 2017

Want to search the newsletters? Click the “Productivity Newsletters” Google Drive folder and search within this entire folder. The PDF files were scanned using Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

1980 – Volume 1

1981 – Volume 2

1982 – Volume 3

1983 – Volume 4

1984 – Volume 5

1985 – Volume 6

1986 – Volume 7

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1987 – Volume 8

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1993 – Volume 14

  • December 1992/January 1993
  • February 1993
  • March 1993
  • April 1993
  • May 1993
  • June 1993
  • July/August 1993
  • September 1993
    • Altron uses “ISO Man” character to help with certification
    • GE Supply says TQM needed in distribution, not just manufacturing
    • Codman & Shurtleff use JIT and benchmarking to help with surgical instruments
    • DHL focusing more on third party logistics, not just A to B transport
    • Book excerpt: Toyota Management System: Linking the Seven Key Functional Areas by Yasuhiro Monden
    • Survey results show link with TQM, employee empowerment and improvements
    • Rhone-Poulenc Exec says management a barrier to innovation
  • October 1993
    • VMX Tour highlights ISO 9002 certification results
    • Encore’s TQM success based on communication and recognition
    • Pacific Bell focuses on supplier quality and “unusual” customer service
    • Akzo Chemicals finds success with SPC program – Part 1
    • STERIS brings JIT into the operating room
    • Survey shows software companies lag behind high tech firms in TQM programs
  • November 1993
    • SPC and TQM training roll out at Northwest Hospital
    • Swarovski Jewelry switches to cellular manufacturing and JIT
    • Square D facility layout changes with union create cells and fewer defects
    • Freudenberg-NOK promotes lean manufacturing for auto suppliers
    • Akzo Chemicals finds success with SPC program – Part 2
    • The need to expand JIT to automotive suppliers and dealers