Norman Bodek recently released a new book, “The Leader’s Guide for Social Responsibility

During our September 2020 Happy Hour event, he discusses the Gold Vision method and how to set very high goals, such as how to:

  1. Be very successful in life – success is a repeatable technique
  2. Attain personal mastery
  3. Learn how to enhance your confidence
  4. Build your skills and capabilities
  5. Raise your level of esteem
  6. Learn and understand how to communicate better
  7. Create a vision for your long term success
  8. Teach managers to become leaders and coaches
  9. Understand cognitive science and how the brain works
  10. Do futuristic thinking and expand the way you see the world

Gold Vision has been taught to over 1000 people, including 200 CEOs. It is a precise process to help you break through your patterns, your habits, to allow you to imagine and create a great future for others and yourself.

Norman’s accomplishments include:

  • Started Productivity Press publishing over 250 books
  • Called the Godfather of Lean
  • Introducing Dr. Shigeo Shingo and Taiichi Ohno to the Western World
  • Nominated into Industry Week’s Hall of Fame
  • Nominated into American Manufacturing Association’s Hall of Fame
  • Created the Shingo Prize
  • Listed as one the 50 Quality Gurus
  • Taught the Best of Japanese Management at Portland State University

Learn more about Norman:

You can watch the video with slides below, or listen to the audio on podcast episode 14

If you missed our interview with Norman back in December 2017, check out this excellent event: