By Bret Matthews

Lean Portland members Ernest Mayer and Maria Grzanka co-presented the keynote at the Oregon Department of Human Services Annual Lean Academy Conference on August 14, 2018. The presentation was titled “Understanding Culture for Continuous Improvement”. The presentation was based on the Edgar Schein Onion Model and their personal experiences.

Edgar Schein is a former professor at the MIT Sloan School of Management and recognized as a thought leader on organizational development and culture. His book “Organization Culture and Leadership” has been called the Holy Grail on organizational culture.

Ernest and Maria brought their Lean Six Sigma training along with years of practical experience to the table and shared thoughts, ideas, examples, and even some humor with the group.

The presentation was very professional and well received. The Department Of Human Services sent a nice note back to the group and, of course, we appreciate the opportunity they have given us to share our learnings with the group.