Free Geek

Client since 2017

Free Geek receives donated used computers from the public and businesses, that our volunteers then refurbish with care. Volunteers can donate time in exchange for a free computer. The Hardware Grants Program connects qualifying non-profits, schools, religious, and community change organizations with needed and available refurbished computer equipment. They also collect e-waste per Oregon law, and reuse or recycle it properly, to keep precious metals out of the landfill.
1731 SE 10th Ave
Portland, OR 97214

Oregon Entrepreneurs Network (OEN)

Client since 2017

The Oregon Entrepreneurs Network (OEN) helps entrepreneurs start up and scale up by connecting them to peers and mentors, startup funding opportunities, and hands-on training.
309 SW Sixth Ave
Portland, OR 97204

ReBuilding Center (RBC)

Client since 2016

They offer affordable used building and remodeling materials with the goal of promoting the use of salvaged and reclaimed materials — a non-profit resource to strengthen environmental, economic and social fabric in the local Portland (Oregon) community.

And let’s not forget Lean Portland, an extraordinary group of professionals who are giving up their Saturdays pro bono to help the RBC become a more efficient and effective organization to better meet the needs of our guests and our community. When you visit our store in 2017, you’ll notice “lean system” efforts underway! – RBC Year in Review Newsletter (2016)

3625 N. Mississippi Ave

Portland, OR, 97227

Social Venture Partners (SVP)

Client since 2016

The SVP Portland chapter was founded in 2001. Since then, they have invested $2.8 million in 26 nonprofits in the Portland metro area. One investment alone returned more than $330 million in refunds to working poor families on an investment of $170,000. Unlike most other affiliates, SVP Portland is focused on solving a singular, focused goal each decade. Social Venture Partners is the largest global network of engaged donors in the world. Founded by a group of high-tech entrepreneurs in Seattle in 1997, SVP operates in 40 cities with 4,000 Partners worldwide.
3625 N. Mississippi Ave
Portland, OR, 97227

Friends of Children

Client in 2012-2013
44 NE Morris St
Portland, OR 97212


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